-Stein JBT TFF-ii 3423 thermal fluid fryer-

Stein/JBT TFF-II 3423 Thermal Fluid Fryer (recent customer project completed in our own in-house shop)

  • The Stein/JBT TFF-II fryer is still one of the best fryers available,  and is still considered one of the best fryers ever produced.

  • We always have units available for remanufacturing.

  • We can remanufacture any of our in stock Fryers to this level, we can also take your existing Stein/JBT Fryer and remanufacture to like new condition with a warranty.

  • TFF-II 3423 with 34” wide product belt and 23’ long cook zone

  • The Fryer was stripped down to the Bare frame and remanufactured with all new belts, bearings, hydraulic motors and all new hydraulic and electric systems.

  • The only parts reused were the frame, tank, heat exchangers and hood




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