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Stein JBT XL-34 FF/J Breader

(recent customer project completed in our own in-house shop)

  • The Stein/JBT XL breader is the workhorse of the batter and breading business and is still considered the best in-line breader in production.

  • More XL breaders are still in production than all other manufacturers breading machines combined, there were more than 1,000 XL breaders produced and we always have units available for remanufacturing.

  • We can remanufacture any of our in stock breaders to this level, we can also take your existing stein breader and remanufacture to like new condition with a warranty.

  • Stein XL-34 (Series-I) Breader set up with a free Flowing Hopper or “J” Crumb Hopper.

  • This breader will run most fine crumbs and “J” or Japenese style crumbs with minimal breakdown.

  • The breader was stripped down to the bare frame and remanufactured with all new belts, bearings, hydraulic motors and all new hydraulic system.

  • The only parts reused were the frame,  hopper and some sheet metal; all other items are new.



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